Cloud in a window, 2014

Weeks ago when I’m wide eyed but sleeping.

Porpor figuring out iPad, 2014

My Porpor, 2014

Of real hair and lack of eyebrows.
FASSTrack Asia 2014 is coming to an end & this period is especially tiring but so thrilling because it’s the time we push the hardest. When school’s less of academia and competition but more of friendships & communal experiences.

Things I would want to save for

1) high end Nikon DSLR
2) trips around the world
3) meals with loved ones
4) tickets to wonderful performances
5) people I can help
6) causes I support
7) finally, to adopt a child.


나는 좀 스트레스 받아.

Whether you and I and a few others will renew the world someday remains to be seen.

But within ourselves we must renew it each day, otherwise we just aren’t serious.

Don’t forget that!

— Hermann Hesse

Your jealous pursuit of me.

Oh Lord, You are ever so unchanged. Oh why, was I so disobedient? Why am I such a rebellious child?

Because behind all their backs and in front of all of them, I have no shame because if they did not know, I have this double life, whether in action or in thought.

Yet when I am willing to listen, just for that moment, You pierce through all these defying spirit and spoke to me through Your Word and your songs.

No matter how long I take to listen, You pursue me.

Forever in pursuit of me.
Oh God, oh my God.